Hinged Timber Fire Rated Doors

Quality fire doors are extremely important in ensuring your building and its occupants are protected in the event of a fire. Australian Fire Control specializes in the manufacture and design of Hinged Timber Fire Doors system solutions for commercial, industrial, and special-purpose applications.

Fire doors are an essential part of any building’s fire protection model and the overall safety of the people inside. They work to stop fire and smoke from spreading quickly and making their way into isolated areas like fire exits and corridors where people could become trapped.

Hinged Fire Doors – Commercial

Australian Fire Control's Doors are designed and engineered to suit the many different heavy-duty commercial and industrial applications. They are available in a number of different varieties including timber-faced doors, hygiene doors, smoke doors, steel-faced doors, and lead-lined doors. Our hinged fire doors for commercial spaces are available in either single or double configuration.

Hinged Fire Doors – Residential

Under the requirements of the Building Code of Australia, entry and exit doors in residential buildings, apartments and hotels require a fire rating of one hour.

Our residential fire doors are specially designed for use in such buildings.

Our fire door leaf is lightweight and offers excellent strength, durability, security and privacy, and despite their relative thickness maintains excellent fire performance levels in excess of the minimum one-hour requirement. 

Double Action Fire Doors

Double action fire doors are suitable in spaces where high levels of bi-directional traffic is common. The leaves in this kind of door are different to those of hinged doors and essential intumescent seals must be fitted to the head and vertical stiles.

Our double action fire doors have a nominal finished thickness of 45mm and are available in single and double (pair) configuration up to 2700mm in height and 2400mm in width with a maximum 2-hour fire rating. These come fitted with the required intumescent seals and are supplied with the aluminium bullnose edge system.

Sliding Fire Doors

Compartmentalization is a long-established fire management strategy and is an extremely effective way to manage and resist the spread of fire within a building. This is generally achieved by using fire-rated wall systems to divide up areas into manageable risk sizes. This is typically applied in spaces such as shopping centers, public transport infrastructure, large public spaces, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and schools.

AFC's sliding fire doors are available in a single leaf, bi-parting, multiple leaf, and combination multiple leaf bi-parting to ensure we can provide the right solution for any situation. Our sliding fire doors are rated up to 4 hours, are available in steel or plywood finish, and can be lead-lined for acoustic performance and up to a maximum size of 5500mm in height and 8000mm in width.

Upgrades For Heritage Doors

There are many buildings in Australia of cultural or historical significance that is protected by heritage preservation orders. This can pose a number of problems for designers and builders in maintaining the aesthetics of heritage buildings while meeting modern safety regulations.

AFC are experts in installing tested and approved fireproofing systems to existing heritage doors. These fireproofing systems have been successfully tested to AS1530.4 and fully comply with the relevant building codes. We work with the utmost care to ensure that heritage doors are never affected by an upgrade.

Door Finishes:

  • PLY Face - Suitable for paint finish

  • MDF Face - Suitable for paint finish

  • Colourbond faced and capped at head

  • Colourbond faced and capped all round

  • Galvanised faced and capped at head

  • Galvanised faced and capped all round

  • Stainless steel faced and capped at head 

  • Stainless steel faced and capped all round

  • Decorative veneer

  • Decorative bolection moulding


Australian Fire Control can supply and fix fire-rated door hardware to all fire-rated doors supplied by Australian Fire Control.

  • Locksets

  • Door Closers

  • Strike shields

  • Head latches

  • Sequence selectors

  • Doorstops

  • Architectural seals

  • Kick plates

  • Push/Pull


Australian Fire Control is involved only with top-quality manufacturers and distributors.

Fire Rated Windows

Hinged Fire Door
Hinged Fire Door

Hinged Fire Door

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Hinged Fire Door
Hinged Fire Door

Hinged Fire Door

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Fire Rated Door With solid top panel (3)
Fire Rated Door With solid top panel (3)

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Hinged Fire Door
Hinged Fire Door

Hinged Fire Door

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