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Horizontal Fire Curtains

Horizontal Fire Curtains is a fire rated assembly designed to function as a horizontally deploying opening protective in ceilings.


The system is deployed upon a signal from the local smoke detection system, fire alarm or a smoke control panel system, can be connected to BMS Module. The operation is derived by 230V AC tubular motor, under power failure situation the curtain is provided with backup options .


• Lightweight & Compact - Reduced headroom requirement
• Flexible Design Solution- Meeting Bespoke requirements.
• System tested in accordance with BS EN 1634 (Part 1) - 
Assessed to Australian Standards
• Fabric- VWG690
• Stitch Load Test - Fabric tested to 500Pa Pressure
• Fabric Impact Tested - Fabric tested in accordance with BS 5234- 2:1992
• Double severe duty - Fabric 690 tested to severe duty
• Mounting can be done over , under or on the face of the slab according to the requirement

The steel head box houses the roller, fabric and motor within the casing creating a small compact package that remains virtually invisible

Woven Fiberglass wire reinforced fabric with individual panels stitched and hemmed using stainless steel thread

The bottom bar can be profile or T bottom bar shape which provides opening and holding of the fabric in a conditioned way .

During Deployment, slim steel side guides prevent derailment of the fabric during operation ensuring integrity of the system when faced by positive or negative pressures of fire

Group Controller is powered by 230V AC to drive the motors in order to open and close the curtains with respect to fire alarm signal or when commanded by Building Management system. All the different curtains in a building can be grouped and operated by a common signal In case of power failure, the system is operated by power back up system.

Horizontal Fire Curtains AFC.JPG
Horizontal Fire Curtain.JPG
Horizontal Fire Curtain AFC.jpg


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