Defender Fire Windows 

Our extensive range of steel fire-rated glass systems are manufactured right here in Western Australia in our state-of-the-art factory. 

The large range is attractive; ideal for all types of buildings including offices, shopping centres, residential apartments, warehouses, hospitals and aged care facilities.

Window systems in virtually any combination of fire, acoustic, light transmission, and energy performance.

E Fire Windows

Integrity only glass contains fire and hot toxic gases but the corridor gets hot quick!
FIRE RATINGS:  -/60/-, -/120/-, -/180/-, -/240/-

This style of fixed window is commonly used on a boundary which the opening needs to comply with C3.4 [1 hour fire rating] -/60/-.

EW Fire Windows

A reflective coating or intumescent interlayer reduces the radiant heat that penetrates the glass providing a cost-effective solution for corridor and other applications. 

This style of window is typically specified by a Fire Engineer in lieu of a fully insulated window system [EI Series] which could potentially offer HUGE cost savings compared to a fully insulated window system.  

EI Fire Windows

Full integrity and insulation glass fully contain the heat in addition to fire and smoke.

FIRE RATINGS: -/30/30, -/60/30, -/60/60, -/120/120


Project History

You will find Defender Fire Rated Windows on some of the most well known Western Australian buildings, such as;

- New Children Hospital, Perth WA.

- Ten Bellevue Terrace Apartments, Perth WA.

- CSIRO, Perth WA.

- Perth Airport, Perth WA.

- Stirling Highway, Perth WA.

- Duff Road, Perth WA. 

- Flinders Lane, Perth WA.

- Melville Medical Centre, Perth WA.

- 288 Lord Street, Perth WA.

- Broken Hill Hotel, Perth WA.

- Guildford Road, Perth WA.

- Bel Eyre, Perth WA.

- Leisure Centre, Perth WA.

- Wheatstone, WA.

- Railway Parade, Perth WA.

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Australian Fire Control are experts in fire rated glazing solutions, and our rated glazing systems are designed for easy installation into new projects, renovated buildings and existing walls. Our various window and door configurations will provide insulated fire resistance levels of -/60/30, -/60/60, and -/120/120, and non-insulated levels of -/60/-, -/120/- and -/240/-, which will meet any requirement of the National Construction Code of Australia.


Our range includes steel and timber framed fixed windows, timber faced glass fire doors, steel faced glass fire doors, single and double acting doors, and glass sliding fire doors. All Defender fire windows are supplied as a certified system comprising of glass and frame, and are classified according to their Fire Resistance Level as required by Australian Standards and the National Construction Code(NCC) of Australia. Fire Resistance Levels, or FRL’s for short, are a series of numbers that designate the ability of a certified product to resist the spread of fire. For example, a typical fire rated wall may have a fire resistance level of 120/120/120, and a typical insulated fire window may have an FRL of -/120/120.

But what do these three numbers actually mean?


Structural adequacy
The first number simply refers to how long the product can withstand the spread of fire and still support what it is designed to support. Doors and windows are not structural items, and therefore are not tested for this aspect of fire resistance, and will usually be represented with a “-“ in the first position.

The NCC states that "If a non-load bearing element is able to be used for a purpose where the Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions prescribe an FRL for structural adequancy, integrity and insulation, that non-loadbearing element need not comply with the structural adequacy criteria" (NCC Spec A2.3,6). I.E., items that are non-structural such as doors and windows, can be used in walls that require structural adequacy.


The second number refers to the ability to prevent the spread of flames. There are requirements under the Australian Standards as to the pass and fail criteria.


The final number refers to the length of time that the product can prevent the spread of fire due to heat transfer. Special requirements include the ability to prevent a localized temperature increase of more than 180 degrees C, or an average temperature increase of 140 degrees C for the duration of the test.

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Rp Technik Australia is the Australian Distributor for the Rp Technik, Fire Rated & Non-Fire Rated Steel glazing systems.

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