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Case Studies

AFC Install Fire-Rated Windows ANYWHERE.


Australian Fire Control have installed Ei120 Fire Rated Windows into the Kwinana Waste Energy Facility.
Some of the windows are a staggering
30+ meters up, inside the giant bunkers.


Check out the pictures, they are incredible.


About the project:

$23m Funded by ARENA   $696m Total project cost

The Kwinana Waste to Energy project will develop a waste processing facility which will use moving grate technology to process
approximately 400,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste, commercial and industrial waste and/or pre-sorted construction and
demolition waste per annum to produce approximately 36 MW of baseload power for export to the grid.

The Kwinana Waste to Energy project will use Keppel Seghers moving grate technology, which thermally treats the waste and
converts the recovered energy into steam to produce electricity. Metallic materials will be recovered and recycled, while other
by-products will be reused as construction materials. Read more about bioenergy and energy from waste.


The Kwinana Waste to Energy facility is an important and significant renewable energy project for Western Australia and Australia.
It will be the first thermal utility-scale Waste to Energy facility constructed in the nation, diverting approximately
25 per cent of Perth’s post-recycling rubbish from landfill sites.


These windows were also to achieve a C5i rating [highest corrosivity level]  

C5 – Very High

Examples of environments which would require a C5 rating:
On shore exterior:  industrial areas with high humidity and aggressive atmospheres

On shore interior: buildings are areas with almost permanent condensation and with high pollution

Offshore exterior: coastal and offshore areas with high salinity

Offshore interior: buildings or areas with almost permanent condensation and with high pollution


AFC’s fire rated steel frames were coated with Interpon D2525 coating to create a suitable coating of the steel frame to the required C5i rating.  

To further protect these frames, Australia Fire Control covered both the internal and external face of the frame in Aluminium and sealed the edge with fire-rated silicon.

Fire Rated Steel Frames
Fire Rated Steel Frames
Fire Rated Steel Frames

Project: Palmyra Childcare Perth WA

Fire Rated Steel Frames
Fire Rated Steel Frames

St James Anglican School, Alkimos
AFC is the first in Australia to install not ONE, TWO Ei30 Glass Floors.

  • System incorporated Schott Pyranova Ei30 glass & Rp Technik’s Hermetic 70 Ei30 Steel Framing System.  

  • System is load bearing.

  • System was used to flood natural light to the bottom section of the secondary school classroom area.

  • Fire Rating: Ei30

  • Size: 4000mm long x 1350mm wide

55N Framing E60 AFC 55 .JPG
Haynes Boundary Defender Fire Curtain 2.jpg
55N Framing E60 AFC 13.jpg
Haynes Boundary Defender Fire Curtain.jpg

Architect: Insite Architects
Fire Engineer: Xero Fire
Application: Fire Resistant Glazing
Completion: SEP 2021

Project Summary: Fire Resistant Glass Doors & Windows. Fire resistant glass was the solution of choice for new centre, allowing clear views out to play yard.

Palmyra Childcare Centre Images.png
Palmyra Childcare Centre Images 2.png
Palmyra Childcare Centre 4.jpg


  • Clean, sharp lines of steel framing.

  • Large glass panes.

  • Glass provides excellent clarity.

  • Large wire free glass areas

  • Energy efficient

  • High thermal performance

  • Minimal maintenance required

The design incorporated sprinklers on aluminium doors, however when the builder requested technical support from aluminium glazing company they referred the builder onto AFC as sprinklers cannot be used on non-rated aluminium glass doors.
Australian Fire Control’s fire-resistant windows & doors were ideal for this application. Made from strong steel framing paired with crystal clear fire rated glass, allowing perfect visibility into the playground.

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