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Boundary Fire Curtains

No power, alarm signal or control equipment required.

The Boundary Defender Fire Curtain has been engineered to meet market expectations for an economical solution to the requirements of NCC [1] Clause C3.4 (a)(ii)(c) - Protection of openings on a boundary wall. This versatile system allows for mounting in front of operable non-fire rated windows, providing design freedom for occupant window use and air-flow considerations.


The Boundary Defender Fire Curtain will deploy automatically upon release of the thermal fusible link holding it in place. This occurs when critical ambient temperature is reached, allowing the high-performance curtain material to prevent the spread of flame smoke and hot gases from a fire event in an adjoining property.

Primarily for protection of openings within boundary walls that are located less than the prescribed distances set out in NCC [1] Clauses C3.2 & C3.3 but can be used wherever INTEGRITY ONLY [up to FRL -/120/-] fire protection is required.

How to Specify
To window openings [Enter Window Number] requiring fire protection as required by NCC [1] clause C3.4 due to proximity with boundary, install Boundary Defender Fire Curtain in accordance with manufacturers instructions and tested/assessed prototypes. Installation must be carried out by an installer approved by the manufacturer and the completed installation must be certified in accordance with NCC [1] C3.4 and AS 1530.4 for a fire rating of -/60/-. The Defender Fire Boundary Curtain is available through Australian Fire Control. | 08 9399 6957

Powder coated to any colour in the Dulux Duralloy range to match building façade.

The Boundary Defender Fire Curtain is a critical life safety element of the building and as such MUST be maintained to AS1851 requirements, with electronic and hard copy service records kept. failure to have this system properly maintained will void warranty to the extent permitted by law.

Key features: 
Ultra slim unobtrusive design.
• Easily retrofit over existing windows.
• No electrical requirements.
• Face or reveal fixing choice available.
• High quality product.
• 1 year conditional warranty.
• Custom built to suit window or door size.

Maximum Size:
3000mm high x 3000mm wide

For larger sizes ask us about our motorized fire curtains.
Boundary Defender Fire Curtain Image AFC
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