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Fire Curtains

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Ideal for large open building designs, Vertical Defender Fire Curtains are effective solutions for stopping or resisting the spread of fire. These curtains consist of a fire resistant fiberglass fabric which is wound over a roller and encased in a compact head box that is typically installed above the ceiling.

In the case of a fire, the vertical fire curtain may be activated by either a general fire alarm or a local detector. The fire curtain descends from its holding position within the head box to its operational position at floor level and thus forms a physical barrier to stop the spread of fire. The Gravity Fail Safe System enables the fire curtain to descend without the need of electricity.

The Accordion Defender Fire Curtains are advanced safety systems that do not require a column support, unlike traditional vertical fire curtains. Relying on innovative construction methods, the Defender Fire Curtain creates a barrier to the spread of fire.


Stored in its retracted position within the compact head-box, the curtain is virtually invisible. Upon receiving a signal from a fire alarm, the curtain descends at a steady rate and provides powerful fire resistance for up to 180 minutes.

For applications where horizontal curtains are required, Horizontal Defender Fire Curtains provide an excellent fire barrier. These curtains are lightweight and compact, made from a woven fiberglass wire reinforced fabric with individual panels stitched and hemmed using stainless steel thread.


Upon a signal from the local smoke detection system, fire alarm or a smoke control panel system, the curtains are deployed via a 230V AC tubular motor. In the case of power failure, the curtain is provided with backup options. During Deployment, slim steel side guides prevent derailment of the fabric to ensure the system remains effective when faced by pressures of fire.

Fusible Link Activated Fire Curtain. 

The Boundary Defender Fire Curtain is a fusible-link fire curtain that require no electrics to operate. Designed to suit smaller openings of up to 2.75m width by 2.5m height, these curtains have an ultra slim and unobtrusive design. They can be easily retrofitted over existing windows if required.

Defender Smoke Curtains assist the management of smoke in a building, channelising the movement of smoke to smoke extraction points in the building or creating reservoirs to slow down the spreading of smoke.


The curtains remain virtually invisible in their retracted position within the compact head-box.


When signaled by a local detector or fire alarm system, the curtain descends to the operational level using the gravity fail safe system

Control the spread of fire in a building with the highest quality fire curtains in Australia. At Australian Fire Control, we supply a range of different fire curtains suitable for both large and small openings and fully tested/accessed to meet Australian Standards. Whether you're looking for fire curtains in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne or the surrounding areas, give us a call and our friendly staff can help you find the right fit for your needs.

What is the purpose of a fire curtain?

Fire curtains are fire protection systems that help compartmentalise a building and slow the spread of fire and smoke.

They are made from a highly robust fire-resistant material and stored in a discrete headbox until signalled by a fire alarm or local detector. In their activated state, fire curtains become a physical barrier between the fire compartment and evacuation routes.

Fire curtains are commonly used in large commercial premises with open plan building designs where it is difficult to install fire doors. They play an important role in increasing the fire safety of a building to ensure it meets BCA requirements and relevant building codes.

How do fire curtains work?

In their unactivated state, fire curtains are stored inside a discrete headbox above doorways and openings. 

In the event of a fire, a fire alarm or local heat detector signals the curtain to descend from the headbox. A gravity fall safe system is used to ensure the safety curtain descends safely and effectively.

There are a number of different fire curtain products which have slightly different modes of action, making them ideal for use in a wide variety of applications.

Vertical fire curtains are rolled around a roller whereas concertina curtains are folded into the retracted position. 

Horizontal fire curtains are designed to protect openings in ceilings and boundary fire curtains are designed to improve fire resistance for smaller openings in a boundary wall.

What is a fire curtain made of?

Fire curtains are typically made from a fire-resistant fibreglass fabric which is woven with other materials to increase its strength and heat resistance properties.

Fibreglass fabric is ideal for fire protection purposes because it is lightweight, has a high heat resistance and resists shrinkage, stretching and fading. A metal thread, such as stainless steel thread, is often stitched into the fabric to help increase its performance.

What is the difference between smoke curtains and fire curtains?

The primary purpose of a fire curtain is to be a fire-resistant barrier and to compartmentalise a building. Fire curtains may also prevent the spread of some smoke, but this is not their main function.

Smoke curtains
, on the other hand, are designed primarily for better smoke control by channelling smoke and toxic gases towards smoke extraction points in the building. Like fire curtains, smoke curtains are stored in a discrete headbox until activated by a fire alarm or local detector.


What is the difference between fire curtains and fire shutters?

Fire shutters are traditional fire protection systems made from metal. They tend to look industrial, take up more space and operate by a simple gearbox and motor assembly. Without sprinklers, a fire shutter becomes a large metal heater in the event of a fire.

Fire curtains are an advanced fire protection solution that blends seamlessly with modern architectural spaces. They are technically superior and safer compared to fire shutters and allow for multiple deployment settings to be programmed.

Fire curtains are the superior option, offering a lightweight, attractive and high performing fire barrier to protect building occupants in accordance with Australian Standards.


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