Hinged Lead Lined Doors

Radiation doors are essential for the safety of both medial staff and patients to prevent unwanted exposure to stray radiation coming from x-ray sources and nuclear medicine.


Unsafe exposure to radiation can have an array of negative impacts on the health of your building occupants. This can range from nausea and skin irritation through to nerve damage and cancer. Radiation shielding for doors can provide a vital layer of protection on your doors to keep staff, clients and the general public safe from radiation.

Who Uses Radiation Shielding?

Using radiation shielded doors has become an essential part of the health and safety strategy for many businesses, including the following.

  • Radiology and X-Ray Facilities

  • Dental Surgeries

  • Veterinary Clinics

  • Research Laboratories

  • Communications Centres

  • Nuclear Power Operations

Viewing panels can be added to radiation doors without reducing performance. They feature radiation glass with an appropriate lead-lined mounting frame.

How To Specify

Because the options vary considerably and radiation containment requirements can vary so widely depending on the situation, please contact us.

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