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Sliding Fire Rated Doors

Sliding Fire doors consist of the door leaf, associated track, and counterweights with steel facings, available in 2 hours and 4 hours of certified fire resistance.

Where the safety of your occupants and the structural integrity of your building is concerned, we won’t sacrifice either. Our cutting-edge sliding fire doors are fire rated up to 4-hours and can be customised to suit your requirements

Sliding fire door systems are more suitable for larger buildings with heavy foot traffic, including:

  • Carparks above and below ground

  • Factories and warehouses

  • Shopping centres

  • Medical buildings – Hospitals, aged care facilities etc.

  • Residential building complexes – Apartments, hotels, units etc.


  • Facing – 1.0mm zinc anneal sheet steel as standard, the alternative of 4mm decorative fire retardant chemical treated plywood available.

  • All doors have steel channels to protect the edge of door leaves

  • Can be manufactured in sections and assembled on site for easier transport and handling.

For all your Perth, Melbourne and Sydney sliding fire doors needs, reach out to our friendly team and we will be happy to go through the different options for you.


Fire Ratings: 

1 hour (NA/60/30)  > 4 hours (NA/240/30)

Max Sizes: 

Single leaf, bi-parting and multiple leaf :

5.5 metres high and 8 metres wide – ( overall size)

Combination (multiple leaf bi-parting) : 
4 metres high and 15 metres wide - (overall size)



  • Single leaf sliding doors (with optional personal wicket doors)

  • Bi-parting sliding doors

  • Multiple leaf sliding doors

  • Combination multiple leaf bi-parting sliding doors



Stand Alone FIP units are now available through AFC. 

The AFC Fire Door Control Panels is a conventional fire alarm panel designed to comply with AS7240-2 and AS7240-4 Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems – Control and Indicating Equipment The AFC Sliding Fire Door Control Panel comes with 2 conventional zones and is fitted with the Sliding Fire Door Interface Module. This provides all the required outputs and inputs with selectable time delays for the sliding fire door application to enable warning and delay of the door release in the event of either alarm and or mains power failure. As this is an approved panel you may have the option available to connect to the main buildings Fire System (if on site) as a Sub panel.

Standard Features:
• Certified to AS7240.2 and AS7240-4
• Standard options and features as per Sigma CP series panels
• 2 conventional zones (1 zone for each side Fire door) compatible with Hochiki SLV-AS3 detectors
• 24v Monitored Output for Sounder Strobe for use above fire door
• 24v Monitored Door Holder Output (up to 4 x door holders)
• Selectable 0-150 sec delay on door release output by simple jumper setting
• Mains Power Fail activates sounder strobe output and release door according to the delay setup
• Sounder strobe automatically turn off after 45sec of the door being released in the event of power fail, saving battery

Australian Fire Control FIP.JPG


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