Accordion Defender Fire Curtains

NO MORE CORNER POSTS - Allowing Architects, Consultants, and Specifiers a new way to approach buildings design.

Accordion Defender Fire Curtains are life safety systems that are designed to arrest the spread of fire in a building.


The assembly comprises a fire-resistant fiberglass fabric stacked inside the headbox that is typically installed above the ceiling to be virtually invisible until activated. Traditionally, vertical fire curtains require column support to which side guides are arrested. With current construction methods together with the need for space, the

Accordion Defender Curtain negates the requirement of Columns and in some cases, it removes the requirement of side guides too. They create a barrier to the spread of fire, remaining virtually invisible when the curtains are stored in their retracted position within the compact head-box. The curtain descends at a controlled speed upon receipt of a signal from a fire alarm and provides resistance for up to 180 minutes.


• Assessed to Australian Standards 
• UL 10D - Complied with NFPA80
• Fabric Tested to BS 476 Pt 6 & Pt 7. Class 0
• Fabric Tested to BS 5234-2:1992
• UL Oversize Certification upon Request
• 180 minutes for VWG 690
• 60 minutes for VG 455

• Lightweight & Compact- Reduced headroom requirement

• State of Art Technology- Manufactured with intricacy using advanced machinery

• Flexible Design Solution- Meeting Bespoke requirements.

• Better Aesthetics & Mechanics - Negates the requirement for corner support columns.

• Gravity Fail Safe System Guaranteed deployment of the curtains at a controlled descent rate
using our gravity fail safe system. Applies under any scenario such as mains power failure and damage to control systems.

Accordion Fire Curtain Group Renders.png

Designed & installed as a polygon, triangle, ‘L’ shaped right angles, curves, ‘Z’ shapes or even a circle.