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Glass or Curtain Smoke Baffles 

Smoke is very dangerous and causes most fatalities during a fire.

Reduced visibility due to smoke may make it difficult for occupants to identify and follow exit paths for safe evacuation.

A correctly designed Smoke Control system is critical for the safety of occupants in any building. A number of key solutions are used within building design to combat the problems associated with smoke zones and compartmentation prescribed by the BCA.

Australian Fire Control can provide both Curtain & Glass Smoke Baffles. 


The DEFENDER systems consist of non-combustible materials that create a smoke reservoir with an intention to keep the smoke layer above head height to aid safe, unobtrusive evacuation.

The advantage of using a smoke curtain is the flexibility,
a smoke curtain provides two options:

    i) a fixed smoke curtain baffle

    ii) a hidden, automatic drop-down smoke baffle

The advantage of using a glass smoke baffle system would be appearance, the system offers a transparent solution for areas requiring minimal interference to line of sight.

A Fire Engineer can provide comments within the report to allow no side guides on a curtain smoke baffle system, Australian Fire Control can provide smoke leakage rates of the curtain to allow this type of design to be included in a project. This allows freedom in design, thus making wide-open safe spaces for people to gather. 

If you are searching for a Smoke Baffle system to specify in your next project talk to us today! 



Smoke Baffle System Australian Fire Cont


Defender Smoke Baffle Curtain - AFC.jpeg



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