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Fire Stopping

Fire Stopping

Fire Stopping: supplied, installed, certified & maintained.

Australian Fire Control specialise in sealing complex building service penetrations.
The range of fire stopping products materials used by AFC is designed to maintain the

fire-resistance rating of a wall and or floor. 

This includes: 

  • Fire pillows.

  • Fire batts.

  • Fire mortar.

  • Fire mastic.

  • Fire collars.

  • Joint sealing systems.

  • High-performance boards.

  • Fire-rated curtain systems to maintain fire compartmentalization.

  • Smoke barriers.

  • Ductwork protection.

  • Cable coating.

All of AFC's fire stopping systems are tested to AS 1530: Part 4 and AS 4072 Part 

AFC will organize to meet you on-site and complete a take-off to provide you with a project-specific quotation.

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