Kent Defender Smoke Curtain

AFC's Kent Defender Smoke Curtains assist the management of smoke in a building, channelising the movement of smoke to smoke extraction points in the building or creating reservoirs to slow down the spreading of smoke.


The curtains remain virtually invisible in their retracted position within the compact head-box.


When signalled by a local detector or fire alarm system, the curtain descends to the operational level using the gravity fail safe system

• BS EN 12101-1 Annex B (Reliability, Response time & Material Durability)
• BS EN 12101-1 Annex C (Air Leakage)
• BS EN 12101-1 Annex D (Fire Resistance Test)
• UL 10D, UL 1784
• Fabric Tested to BS 476 Pt 6 & Pt 7, Class 0
• BS 5234-2:1992 Method of Test as set out within BS 8524-1:2013 Severe Duty Impact Test (with Side Guides)
• System tested in single & Multiple Barrel Orientation
• Tested to ASTME 84 & UL 723 for VG455 Fabric
• Australian 1530.4 [assessment]

• 120 minutes at 600°C
• 60 minutes at 1000°C


The majority of deaths in a fire scenario are caused not by flame burns, but by the inhalation of hot smoke and toxic gases.
As a fire develops, smoke can quickly fill the building, creating a chaotic situation where people are incapacitated and unable to access exit points.

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