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Fire Doors Systems

What is the purpose of a fire door?

Fire doors are designed to slow down the spread of flames and smoke in the event of a fire. When closed, fire doors help compartmentalise a building to provide a safe passage of escape. As part of a building's passive fire protection, fire doors help save lives and slow down the rate of damage to the building structure, giving the fire brigade more time to attend the scene.

What is the difference between a fire door and a normal door?

Fire doors are specially constructed with materials that have high fire resistance properties. The door leaf, door frame and door hardware are all rigorously tested to ensure the appropriate fire rating level is achieved.

Fire doors must be self-closing and self-latching. They should never be obstructed or held open as they need to be closed in order to prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

Fire-rated doors should be labelled clearly with the name of the manufacturer, year of manufacture, fire rating level and name of the certifying officer. They should also be regularly inspected to ensure they continue to meet Australian Standards.

What are the different types of fire doors in Australia?

There are many different types of fire doors to suit a wide range of applications, including:

Fire-rated doors can be manufactured to meet the application-specific building regulations and fire resistance ratings.

Which fire door do I need?

Glass fire doors are popular for office buildings, shopping centres and open-plan workplaces which require maximum visibility while meeting the highest fire protection standards. Sliding fire doors are ideal where there is minimal space, for example in hospitals, car parks and restaurants. Automatic options are available.

Steel fire doors are ideal for applications where security is a priority, such as petrol stations, retail stores and communication centres.

If you are not sure what type of door is right for your application, give the team at Australian Fire Control a call to discuss your options.

We offer a wide range of the highest quality fire doors and related products to help you achieve maximum fire protection. Whether you're after fire doors in Sydney, Perth or anywhere in between, make sure to check out our range or request a quote for your passive fire protection needs. 

Are fire doors a legal requirement?

In Australia, fire doors are mandatory in many commercial and public buildings. All commercial premises should be inspected by an accredited fire and safety inspector to determine what passive fire protection systems are needed to meet building regulations. Fire door installation and maintenance must legally be performed by an accredited professional. If you need assistance with fire door installation or AS1851 maintenance, Australian Fire Control can help.

Is fire door inspections a legal requirement?

The entire fire door assembly (including the door frame, vision panels and approved hardware) should be regularly inspected to ensure it maintains the required fire rating level.

Inspections should be carried out according to the relevant Australian Standards for the type of building and fire door.

If you have questions about the maintenance of fire door assemblies to Australian Standards, get in touch with the team at Australian Fire Control today for your fire doors in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne on (08) 9399 6957.

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