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Aluminium sliding doors

Aluminium Sliding Doors are essential solutions to create fire-protected zones in buildings and provide appropriate conditions for evacuation purposes. The MB-78EI DPA system is intended to make fire-rated partitions with automatic, single, and double-leaf sliding doors. Their fire resistance class of EI 15 and EI 30 is kept when they are exposed to fire both from the outside and the inside.


The structure is based on the system of firewalls with the MB-78EI doors, from which comes most of the production technology and components, including main profiles, glazing beads, cooling inserts, expanding tapes, gaskets, and most of the accessories. A wide range of glazing of these structures is the same as in the basic system and allows the installation of all common fire-resistant glazing of EI 15 and EI 30 class, including any fusion into an insulation package.

The MB-78EI DPA sliding door’s drive can be installed on walls/system walls. Mechanisms that are intended to be used in this system allow a smooth and trouble-free operation of the door with a 200kg leaf.

Max. dimensions of the structure in the clear opening:
- the height of a single and double leaf door: up to 2550 mm.
- width of a single door: up to 1350 mm.
- width of a double door: up to 2710 mm.



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