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Thermal Insulated Windows

Achieve high level thermal regulation and reduced energy costs with quality built thermal insulated windows. Offering high levels of durability, security, and aesthetic appeal, our thermally insulated windows are designed to enhance thermal regulation in a wide range of applications.

Thermally Insulated Windows Tested and Proven to Perform
At Australian Fire Control, we manufacture and supply some of the highest quality thermally insulated windows in Australia. Our products have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they offer a first class thermal barrier which will improve thermal regulation and decrease energy consumption inside a building. Our thermally insulated windows are available in a wide range of dimensions and specifications, making them suitable for a diverse number of commercial, industrial and residential applications. 

Why Choose Thermally Insulated Windows by Australian Fire Control?
With decades of experience manufacturing high standard products, we are able to offer you thermally insulated solutions which perform and endure, even in challenging environments. Our thermally insulated windows offer a number of benefits including: excellent thermal regulation; environmental benefits due to reduced energy consumption; high levels of durability and longevity, even in high use applications; versatility and adaptability for a wide range of applications; practical, reliable design suited for everyday use; and modern, unobtrusive aesthetics which will blend in with an existing environment.

Thermally Insulated Glass Windows
Thermally insulated glass from Schott offers the highest level in thermal performance as well as excellent transparency and low level reflections on the surface. Manufactured to be extremely durable, the glass offers high levels of chemical stability and tough mechanical strength even in challenging environments. Our thermally insulated glass systems have undergone advanced surface treatment techniques to ensure an unmatched end result.

Thanks to a modern and unobtrusive design, our thermally insulated windows offer an attractive aesthetic while not compromising on quality or performance. They provide good optics, do not obstruct vision and blend seamlessly with the existing environment.

Thermally Insulated Steel Windows
For incredible strength, security and durability, choose steel. Often outlasting the building they were installed into, steel frames provide a higher level of protection compared to other materials. Whether you require heat protection, fire and smoke protection, soundproofing, or bullet resistance: our steel thermally insulated systems can be manufactured to meet your needs. All of our products are rigorously tested to meet Australian standards so that we can offer you the highest level of thermal performance, protection and safety. 




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Aesthetically exceptional and functionally compelling steel & glass system solutions for windows, doors, partition walls, curtain walls and glass roofs are what we specialize in.  Our aim is to deliver industry-leading design solutions and enhanced design freedom to architects and planners and offer processors easy-to-use systems and top-notch service.

System solutions tailored to your needs

High design standards, validated & convincing characteristics, dependable advantages in processing – the broad portfolio of steel windows, steel doors, and steel curtain walls from RP Technik guarantees solutions that meet your project needs, spot on. Select your application, properties, and steel system – you will immediately get appropriate solutions. If you need comprehensive information and custom-configured solutions, just contact us.

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