Steel Fire Protection

Protect your steel structures from fire and save lives with our tried and tested steel fire protection products. 


At Australian Fire Protection, we offer the latest developments in steel cladding and intumescent coatings for steel that have been tested to meet national and international standards. For the very best in steel fire protection Australia-wide, get in touch with our team to see how we can assist.

Steel Cladding

If temperatures exceed 550°C during a fire, steel will begin to lose its load-bearing capacity. In order to protect the structural adequacy of a steel building and to prevent occupants and bystanders from harm, structural steel protection is crucial.

RESCOM Boards can be used for 1, 2, 3, or 4 sided encasement, to suit steel configuration and can provide up to 4 hours [240/-/-] fire protection. These premier products are cut to size and fixed into position to provide a fire-rated barrier around the steel column, preventing the steel section from heating to a critical temperature. They are non-combustible to AS1530.1 and allow for most types of architectural finishes to be applied.

Steel Intumescent

Intumescent coatings are a tried and tested way of protecting steel buildings and ultimately people’s lives. 

In the case of a fire, an intumescent coating will expand to insulate the steel surface, protecting and helping to preserve the structural adequacy of the steel structure. Intumescent coatings are not fireproof but form a protective char which is a poor conductor of heat to slow down the destruction fire may otherwise cause. 

Our intumescent coatings have been exhaustively tested both in our own laboratories and also to national and international standards in independent testing houses all over the world.

Popular products include:

  • NULLIFIRE SC902 -  a low VOC, one coat, a high build system that provides a fast cure effective structural fire performance for steelwork up to a 120-minute fire rating. Once applied it will be touch dry and shower proof within 1 hour.

  • Interchar® 3120 - an aesthetically pleasing and durable epoxy intumescent coating. Designed for variable build and easy application, it will offer fire resistance periods of up to 120 minutes on structural steelwork.

  • Interchar® 2060 - a thin film intumescent coating optimized for 60 minutes fire resistance to structural steelwork. Designed to suit both on-site and off-site applications.

  • Interchar® 1120 - a thin film water-borne intumescent coating optimized for 90 and 120 minutes fire resistance on structural steelwork.