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Steel Doors - Glass Fire Doors

“Don’t rely on the dubious performance* of sprinklers on toughened glass.
Put your trust into a TESTED system that does not rely on cold water flowing overheated glass”.​ 
*Contact AFC Technical for further information.

For fire protection that does not rely on sprinklers for performance, we manufacture a wide range of interior and exterior fire-resistant steel doors. These steel doors are architecturally appealing, allowing you to have a clear view while offering proven fire ratings to a high standard. The steel door framing has a slimline profile that can be powder coated in any colour to suit the aesthetics of your environment.


Steel-framed hinged fire doors offer incredible strength and security, have been fire tested rigorously, and have proven to provide high-standard fire protection for residential and commercial spaces. Thanks to advanced technologies, these steel doors have high thermal and weather performance, helping you effectively regulate temperatures inside your building and keep energy consumption down. The slimline profile of our steel-hinged glass fire doors means they are not obtrusive and do not compromise your view or the entry of natural light.


When it comes to fire protection, don’t settle for less. Put your trust in systems that are proven to offer strength, durability, and superior performance. As Australia's leading Passive Fire Protection Company, we offer some of the finest fire-rated glass doors in Australia so that you can protect your building and keep its occupants safe in the unfortunate case of a fire.


We manufacture a wide range of interior and exterior fire-resistant glass doors including single and double-hinged doors with steel or aluminum frames. All of our steel doors offer superior fire ratings and are compliant to AS 1530.4, AS1905.1, and/or BS-EN standards.

Why choose a hinged glass fire door?

> Architecturally appealing and expansive clear view throughout

> Proven stand-alone fire rating that does not rely on sprinklers for performance. 

> Intelligent Steel framing consists of a slimline profile that can be powder coated in any color.

> Glass is crystal clear, blending seamlessly into other non-rated glass doors and windows.

Steel Hinged Glass Fire Doors

Hinged glass fire doors are an architecturally appealing option that offers excellent fire ratings to help keep your building and its occupants safe. Our advanced systems have proven stand-alone fire ratings that do not rely on sprinklers for performance.


Why choose a steel-framed glass fire door? Steel is the strongest material on the market, offering incredible strength, security, and longevity - steel door frames will often outlast the building they were installed into. Rigorous fire testing has been conducted on RP Technik steel profiles, proving that the addition of steel to doors can help provide the highest fire protection.


While offering you the highest level of protection, our steel-hinged glass fire doors are not obtrusive but can be installed for a seamless, aesthetically pleasing finish. The elegant slimline steel door framing allows the glass doors to blend naturally with other non-rated glass doors and windows in your building. You can welcome natural light into your space, and make the most of any view through the door.

Why choose a steel-framed hinged glass fire door?

> Incredible strength and security - Steel is the strongest material on the market for curtain walls, partitions, windows, and doors. Steel door frames will last a lifetime, most likely outliving the buildings they are installed into. By direct comparison, they are three times stronger than aluminum.

> Elegant sight lines - The slimline profiles allow the slimmest possible sightliness on the market. Welcoming light into any space and making the most of every view.

> High thermal and weather performance - Incorporating the latest thermal barriers and weatherproofing steel provides high-performing systems that will reduce energy bills.

> Sustainability - Around the world, more steel is recycled every year than the total of paper, aluminum, glass, and plastic combined.

> High Fire Ratings - Rigorous fire testing has been conducted on RP Technik steel profiles. With a variety of operable and fixed designs, the addition of steel to a design can provide the highest fire protection.

The first and most important step in choosing an appropriate system is to determine the required Fire Resistance Level (FRL) to meet the relevant section of the Building Code of Australia (BCA).  All fire ratings are classified according to FRL, which incorporates 3 different numbers, and is represented as X/Y/Z, where X= structural adequacy (always 0 or “-” for steel doors and windows), Y= the integrity (the ability to restrict flames), and Z= insulation (the ability to restrict the passage of thermal heat, thereby providing a safe environment for people while also preventing fire spread via flash-over).  

Aluminium Glass Door Also Available:​

Aluminium Glass Fire Doors - Hinged and Sliding Doors

We offer a number of aluminum framed glass fire doors from Aluprof. These products help create fire protection zones in a building to keep occupants safe in the case of a fire. Designed with thermally insulated aluminium profiles and fire-resistant glass panels, these products are a modern and versatile solution to passive fire protection. As with all our products, they have been tested and tried rigorously to meet current Australian standards.


For the highest standard in glass fire steel doors in Australia, get in touch with the team at Australian Fire Control. With over 60 years of experience and the technical capacity to meet unique needs in passive fire protection, we will support you to achieve the requirements of your project.



Hinged Glass Fire Doors

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Hinged Glass Fire Doors

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