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Stripecoil is a smoke curtain that closes completely to floor level. It has been tested in accordance with EN 12101.1, and has been optimized specifically for the passage of occupants even in the closed position.

This system was developed for the French metro. It provides a method of allowing occupants to reach exit points at opposite ends.

The Stripecoil system incorporates:

  • Drop length up to 3.5m

  • System width without limitation

  • Gravity fail safe system

  • Stabilisation and loading of the fabric by elastic chambers being filled with small lead balls at the lower edge of the system

  • Robust closing edge bonded with an Aramid-fabric to protect it against damage and vandalism

  • Installation and maintenance is easily achieved from below

  • Galvanized sheet metal, powder coating in RAL colours as an optionAllows egress in closed position

  • Allows egress in closed position and complies with disability act.

  • Designed to allow 100 people to pass through per minute.

  • Designed to be used in conjunction with smoke exhaust or pressurisation system.

  • Stainless steel wire can be set at nominated height above finished

  • floor level (eg: 2.1m) to improve smoke baffle performance during

  • occupant egress.



The Smokehalt V overhead coiling vertical Smoke curtain was designed and engineered in Australia. It is also made in Australia by a 100% owned and operated Australian company.


The Smokehalt V vertical smoke curtain is a budget priced smoke curtain system designed to suit smaller openings of up to 8m wide without overlaps depending on the drop height required.


So why the Smokehalt V?

  • Small to medium size openings (up to 8m wide)

  • Compact head box 165mm x 160mm

  • Reduced lead times

  • High quality product

  • 1 year conditional warranty



No more side guides and virtually unlimited configurations/shapes Folded corners for neat, reliable operation each and every time. This is the solution to protect atriums and larger spaces and can be used in conjunction or in lieu of mechanical smoke measures. The SmokeShield "S" offers 100% design flexibility,talk to one of our technicians today to plan/design the project you're working on. Fault FREE motors 50,000 tests completed




Moducoil automatic smoke curtains act as smoke barriers that restrict the lateral spread of smoke and hot gases along the underside of a roof, ceiling or balcony within a building in the event of fire. They

are used as part of a smoke control system to create smoke reservoirs from which smoke and hot gases can be extracted by smoke & heat release vents or smoke extraction fans.

Why Moducoil Smoke Curtain?

  • Highly cost efficient due to modular components

  • No need for back-up battery

  • Virtually invisible in non-fire mode

  • Unlimited length is possible

  • Gravity failsafe operation

  • Easily retrofit, easy to install


Maximum Sizes (individual units)

Virtually infinite width x 8.65m drop




Supercoil long span vertical smoke curtain system

The Supercoil long span smoke curtain was invented by Stoebich Brandschutz GmbH in 1990. It is the first and still the only type of long span curtain that offers a single compact head box truly maximising

open plan designs.


The Supercoil long span smoke curtain is backed by extensive testing above and beyond the basic fire test. Supercoil is a premium product, far outperforming any other.


So why the Supercoil ? While others have tried their best to copy this system. They have missed the detail, the important details, that give you value for money and an asset that will last the life of your building with no unexpected or hidden maintenance cost


Built for distance, the Supercoil long span vertical smoke curtain is tough and reliable, resisting pressures up to 100Pa (50m2 system) and 50Pa (100m2 system) when fully deployed



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Australian Fire Control offer a large versatile range of specialist fire, smoke & ballistic resistant systems tested
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