Fyrehalt V Fire Curtain - Australian Fire Control - 2 hour protection from fire and smoke & radiant heat shield.

January 21, 2019

"Partial Insulation" - no sprinklers required.

Developed for Fire Safety Engineers Radiant heat data not exceeding 15kW @ 365mm for 30mins Full EW120 European fire rating Fire tested to AS 1530 Part 4 More than 2 hours Integrity Low radiant heat transfer.


Radiant heat transfer through the assembly: Radiant heat flux will NOT exceed 15kW/m2 @ 365mm for 30-minutes. This performance provides the basis for Fire Engineering as an Alternate Solution to DtS requirements of NCC [1] for FRL up to -/120/30. The Defender® Fyrehalt Curtain stands alone
in the Australian market as a fire curtain with verifiable smoke leakage data that allowscompliance with AS1530.7.

Architects are discovering the benefits of using automatic fire curtain technology to provide open plan areas, yet maintain fire separation. One of the limitations of conventional integrity only fire
curtains, just like conventional fire shutters is the radiant heat transfer through the thin and flexible fabric barrier. Fire Safety Engineers and other fire protection designers have been specifying fire curtains, but to minimise the radiant heat transfer they are forced to use fire sprinklers to cool the curtain
in the advent of a fire, and reduce the potential for radiant heat transfer through the barrier which can potentially cause ignition of combustibles or untenable condition for occupants in its
vicinity. Australian Fire Control is proud to supply, install, certify and maintain low radiant heat transfer, (“partially” insulating) automatic fire curtains.




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Australian Fire Control offer a large versatile range of specialist fire, smoke & ballistic resistant systems tested
and certified to Australian Standards. 

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