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May 4, 2017


Our Smoke Curtain systems are a product defined by the EN12101 suite of Standards. This suite of Standards consists of over 10 parts and the intent is that Smoke Curtains are to be used in conjunction with the mechanical and/or natural smoke control systems also defined within EN12101. Smoke Curtain design is permitted some significant concessions over smoke containment screens such as perimeter gaps, elimination of side guides, overlapped modular sections and up to 15 degrees deflection from the vertical. Obviously, these concessions do not make them suitable for use as smoke containment screens.

 Our range includes; 

a) Vertical smoke curtains

b) Horizontal smoke curtains

c) Concertina smoke curtains

d) combined fire and smoke curtains

and more…

Let's take a look at the  Smokeshield - S perimeter smoke curtain systems.


The Smokeshield - S concertina type smoke curtain is an obvious solution for protecting atriums and other large spaces and can be used in conjunction with or in lieu of mechanical smoke control measures. 


So why the Smokeshield - S ? 

High quality materials and fittings make the Smokeshield - S the market leading concertina type smoke curtain.Its design provides inherent qualities unmatched by others, meaning it will last the life of the building. AFC  offer a full life me conditional warranty for this system. 


No more side guides and virtually unlimited configurations/shapes.

Folded corners for neat, reliable operation each and every time. 






Request a specification or technical brochure click here and send us an email.  

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Australian Fire Control offer a large versatile range of specialist fire, smoke & ballistic resistant systems tested
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