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March 18, 2017

All fire penetrations inclusive of electrical cabling and ducting, PVC pipes, steel and copper pipes, busbars as well as fibre optic. We inspect, install and certify all your requirements for all your penetration needs whether they penetrate through masonry walls, floor slabs or plasterboard fire walls. We supply all types of fire collars and wraps to multiple PVC and Polyethylene pipe systems.

Passive Fire Protection Systems

Australian Fire Control Perth WA 



Fire Services installs the complete range of Passive Fire Protection and Fire Stopping Systems to cover all your spread of flame prevention and structural fire protection.

Rescom MgO Board

This is the new fire board in the ever growing market of which Australian Fire Control are now licenced and recognised installers. This product allows for a thinner application system thus allowing for a more cost viable option to the opposing board systems. The board can be applied for walls, ceilings and structural steel fire protection systems and is suitable for internal as well as external applications.


Fire wall barriers as well as fire separation and compartmenting we cover all your needs through multiple fire board options. This is inclusive of structural steel protection and for separation of services in fire stairs.

Roof Voids

We specialise in the application of ceiling or roof voids where the fire wall between units does not continue to the roof top. We install the Firefly products which is a fire rated curtain which is hung from the ceiling joists to the top of the fire wall. Depending on the size of the openings we also supply and install the Intubatt for these applications or for barrier and penetration systems.

Intumescent Coatings for Timber - FIRESHELL

FIRESHELL (F1E) is an exterior rated, flexible 1-part, self-priming intumescent fire resistant paint for use on a variety of timbers. F1E meets the requirements for bushfire-resisting timber specified in AS3959:2009 Construction of Buildings as well as BAL in bushfire-prone environments. It can be applied by means of spray gun or roller and brush application. The paint comes in two colours being grey or brown and is very easy to apply. Please contact us for any queries or quotes.

Fabric and Timber Protection

We are also in the Fire retardant market where we apply fire retardant products to fabrics and timbers. This covers a broad spectrum of applications from heritage buildings, night clubs, cinemas, schools and theatres to name a few. Drop us a line so we can assist you with all your requirements and questions. All retardant applications are certified to the required Australian Standards with certified AS labels.


Covering all your fire sealing from controls joints in walls and slabs to penetration seals. We use the acrylic mastic seals and for an external higher fire rating protection up to 4hrs we offer the polyurethane sealants.

Fire Doors

We manufacture, supply, install and certify of a vast range of fire and standard door systems. This includes glass door systems and fire sliding doors. We can supply a backfill of fire frames to comply with the required standards and also supply and install fire door hardware. We can tag and certify all our works as well as carry out door inspections and reports.

Steel Protection

Fire rated coatings for structural steel.

Sprayed thin film intumescent from International Paints.

Sprayed internal and external Vermiulite.

High Performance Fire Resistant Board.

Australian Fire Control supply, install and certify all structural steel protection. Perth leading passive fire protection company.

Fire Attenuation Screens

The AFC Defender system consists of a perimeter aluminium frame that can be powder coated a standard colour. This is fixed to the perimeter of the window opening using a continuous angle. The mesh consists of a 0.9mm thick woven 304 stainless steel which is coated black to reduce the reflection of light and maximise the clarity of the view. The free area of the mesh is 42%. Note that the angle of the light relative to the mesh may reduce the light into the room more than expected.

AFC Defender Screen provides radiation attenuation to protect windows close to a boundary [Class 2-9] or to provide BAL FZ performance to AS3959-2009 for Class 1, 1a & 10 construction.

Fire Engineers must use this data in their design and calculations to determine whether the radiation attenuation is sufficient to prevent non-piloted ignition and therefore fire spread to nearby materials/buildings.

AFC Defender - Radiation Attenuation Screen Specially developed for Fire Engineers and Architects to be used in lieu of deemed-to-satisfy systems, this solution can also provide security.

Note: The Australian Window Association “Window Safety Tips” recommends:

‘If you have young children in your home and are considering installing security screens be aware that the security screen may prevent escape in case of fire. Ensure at least one window in the room has a release mechanism on the security screen.’

FIRE ATTENUATION SCREENS | Building on a boundary [Class 2-9] OR BAL FZ [Class 1, 1a & 10] AS3959-2009 DEFENDER SCREENS

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Australian Fire Control offer a large versatile range of specialist fire, smoke & ballistic resistant systems tested
and certified to Australian Standards.