Security & Ballistic

Special glass types with outstanding safety properties.

After achieving the maximum fire resistance classes in fire protection,
SCHOTT is also setting standards in the protection of people and property.

Australian Fire Control manufacture a range of steel framed windows and doors that
are tested to withstand a number of ballistic and security ratings.

Safety glass with multi functional laminates from SCHOTT provide protection
against mechanical attack. The special float glass types from SCHOTT resist attacks.
In addition, SCHOTT PYRANOVA® secure provides an effective barrier against thermal
radiation with its enclosed transparent fire resistant layers that intumesce in the event of fire.

Areas of application:
Attack resistant glass is used primarily in the public and commercial area,
but can also be of interest for domestic users. Some examples of application are:

• Prisons

• Embassies

• Military facilities

• Jewellery stores

• Ministries

• Museums

• Banks

• Residential buildings

Impressive transparency
Left: a competitor‘s product

Right: NOVOLAY® secure. In the same safety classes (BR4NS and P8B) NOVOLAY® secure

has higher light transmission and significantly clearer, untinted transparency

Keep a clear view.

With maximum safety and minimum weight. The advantages of NOVOLAY® secure and PYRANOVA® secure.

Safety glass from SCHOTT for protecting people and property offers clear advantages in comparison with other glass composites:

• Lower thickness: can be less than half the thickness of comparable glass composites (28 to 70 mm)

• Lower weight: can be less than half the weight of comparable glass composites (60 to 154 kg)

• High transparency: low iron glass quality • Thermal resistance

Impact resistance:
Glazing is classified as impact resistant when it prevents the penetration of thrown or hurled objects. Impact resistance is classified according to EN 356 in the resistance classes P1A to P5A. The test methods simulate the impact of heavy projectiles by dropping 4.11 kg metal balls with a diameter of 10 cm in free fall. The sample is considered to have passed the test when no ball penetrates the glass.

Manual attack:
Glazing is classified as burglary resistant, i.e. resistant to forced entry or exit, when it delays the creation of an opening in accordance with EN 356 and EN 1627. The basic classifications are specified as P6B, P7B and P8B. These glazing's often use a combination of glass/polycarbonate rather than glass alone in order to minimise the weight. The testing procedure requires that a 2 kg axe be mechanically swung at the glazing. The number of hits necessary to create a 400 mm x 400 mm opening determines the resistance classification. If a small puncture of the glass allows the opening of any building elements, (e.g. as in the case of doors with panic bars) both the building element and the glass must be checked for compliance with the appropriate standards.

Bullet resistance:
Glass is classified as bullet resistant (BR 1 to BR 7) when it stops the penetration of projectiles in accordance with EN 1063. The testing procedure requires that the test specimen be shot at 3 times with the appropriate weapon and calibre bullet. The test specimen must withstand the attack. The test not only determines the resistance class but also whether or not there has been splintering on the inner face.

You think that a glass that protects against fire should also protect against manual attack and bullets?

So do we: PYRANOVA® secure


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Australian Fire Control offer a large versatile range of specialist fire, smoke & ballistic resistant systems tested
and certified to Australian Standards. 

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Phone: 9399 6957

Address: 17 Williams Road Kelmscott WA 6111
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