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Vertical Kent Defender Fire Curtain

Updated: May 4, 2022

Vertical Fire Curtains are life safety systems that are designed to arrest the spread of fire in a building. The assembly comprises a fire-resistant fibreglass fabric wound over a roller and all encased in a compact headbox that is typically installed above the ceiling to be virtually invisible until activated. When activated by either a general fire alarm or a local detector, the fire curtain descends from its holding position within the headbox to its operational position (floor level) and thus forms a physical barrier for fire compartmentalization. Using the Defender K Gravity Fail-Safe System, our fire curtains descend without the need for power and fail to safe systems. These fire curtains have enabled large open building designs where otherwise permanent fire-rated partitions would be required. ​MAXIMUM WIDTH:

36 Meters


12 Meters


Up to -/240/-


• Fire performance Tested/Assessed to AS1530.4-2014 for up to 240-minutes [FRL-/240/-] • Smoke leakage performance in accordance with AS1530.7- 2007 • EW60 performance to EN 1634-1 from 1.0m.

• Insulating Zone Data: Air temperature shall not exceed 180 0C at a distance of 120mm from curtain non-fire face for a period of up to 60-minutes.

• Radiant Heat Flux measurement of 8.8kW/m2 from a distance of 250mm from curtain non- fire face for a period of up to 39-minutes.

• Curtain closing speed between 10.2m to 12.0m per minute.

• Battery back up as a standard feature.

Vertical Kent Defender Fire Curtain

Vertical Kent Defender Fire Curtain

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