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Fire safety in schools | How can you make your school safer?

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Fire safety in schools | How can you make your school safer?

Due to their multiple activities and confined facilities, schools are prone to fire risks. Substances used in science experiments, leaking gas from the kitchen, and even the rubbish is thrown by children all pose fire hazards. These combustible and flammable materials could blow up and start a fire, if not managed properly.

As most young children are inherently fascinated by fire, they enjoy playing with lighters and matches. Often oblivious to the repercussions of their actions, they may throw a dying ember onto these objects, causing a fire.

These disasters, however, may be prevented if schools implement fire safety procedures. Reinforcing fire protection systems can dramatically improve fire safety in schools.

Must-Have Fire Equipment To Reinforce Fire Safety In Schools

There are several ways to prevent and prepare for fire disasters. But, investing in fire safety is the simplest and most effective way of protecting your school.

Some of the necessary items for fire safety include the following:

1. Fire Rated Windows

Fixed fire rated windows are becoming the next BIG thing in design across the world. Australian Fire Control is one of the largest manufacturers of fire-rated windows in Australia with an exclusive distributorship arrangement with Rp Technik. Insulated fire-rated glass provides an FRL up to -/120/120 without the need for drenchers. AFC’s Defender Integrity only single sheet system at the minimum of 6mm provides an FRL of up to -/120/-. The sleek steel framed design allows windows that are not fire-rated to be installed alongside without much style difference.

2. Fire Curtains

Vertical, Horizontal & Accordion Fire Curtains are life safety systems that are designed to arrest the spread of fire in a building. The assembly comprises a fire-resistant fibreglass fabric wound over a roller and all encased in a compact head box that is typically installed above the ceiling to be virtually invisible until activated. Fire Curtains offer design flexibility to architects plus the added benefit of a hidden design to stop children from tampering with the units.

3. Fire Doors

Fire doors should be incorporated into the architectural design and installed as soon as the school is finished. They are equipped with intumescent strips that, when heated, expand and close any gaps. As a result, fire doors prevent fire and smoke from spreading.

Australian Fire Control has a wide range of timber and glass fire doors to suit every FRL required, and with design, options to achieve almost every look in the book.

Which Type of Fire Protection System Should Schools Have?

To begin with, both active and passive fire protection systems are critical to protecting school buildings, equipment, and people. One approach is not superior to another. They merely fulfil separate functions, as the following explains:

Active fire protection concentrates on extinguishing the blaze, while passive fire protection works to contain the fire spread.

Why should schools invest in passive fire protection systems?

Passive fire protection systems are the first defence against fires. Isolating fire at its source and separating it from the rest of the structure prevents fire from spreading.

Besides increasing human safety, it reduces structural damage to the building. It also minimises the expense of any incident-related cleanup. In a nutshell, more people and properties are spared.

As parents consider schools their children's second home, school authorities must take the appropriate precautions to provide them with a safe environment.

Boost your Fire Rating with AFC

Fire safety in schools is becoming increasingly important. In addition to accidental blazes and arson, catastrophic bushfires compound the problem. To deal with this, schools must be well-equipped to prevent these fire hazards.

AFC (Australian Fire Control) is a distributor of industry-leading passive fire protection products such as steel fire windows and steel glass fire doors. These fire-rated equipment are specifically developed for schools to ensure student safety during a fire.

We are the first company in Australia to install two Ei30 fire glass floors in a school. Toxic gases, fires, fumes, radiant heat, and temperature cannot pass through EI30-class glasses for thirty minutes. That means that if a fire breaks out, St. James Anglican School will be better protected from fire.

With a strong team and a wealth of industry expertise, we have earned a reputation for providing high-quality fire prevention systems that meet Australian laws and are suited for their intended usage.

Contact us to find out how our fire-rated products can help your school.

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