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Fire Rated Glass Doors & Windows in Australia

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

When it comes to passive fire protection, it is crucial to install high-quality products which provide optimal protection for the occupants in the building. However, the design and aesthetic of modern indoor spaces are also important. At AFC, we are always striving to bring you the best products and the most advanced fire protection solutions that complement modern building designs.

Fire Rated Doors

What makes our fire-rated windows and doors stand out?

Thanks to intelligent aluminium frame designs by Aluprof and first-class fire-resistant glass, AFC has the capacity to supply a wide range of advanced windows and fire-rated glass doors Australia-wide.

Our fire-rated glass doors meet Australian fire safety standards as well as are highly aesthetic and functional. Thanks to advanced technologies in glass and aluminum preparation, fire doors can be attractive architectural elements that add to a building’s design rather than detract from it. Our window and door systems feature lightweight and highly transparent glass with excellent optics.

What to look for in glass fire doors and windows

When looking for the right product it is important to know that you are getting quality materials and a high level of fire protection.

1. Does the product meet the building regulations?

Wherever the glass fire door or window is going to be installed, the relevant building regulations should be met. AFC manufactures a wide range of window and door solutions that meet current Australian regulations.

Fire doors and windows should be installed by a professional to ensure the appropriate level of fire protection is achieved and routine checks should be carried out to ensure the door or window is in top condition.

2. Has the glass been tested?

When it comes to fire safety, you don’t want to settle for less than well-designed products that provide excellent protection. Fire ratings are given to a product based on how it performs in a range of tests. All of the AFC fire-rated glass doors in Australia have been rigorously tested to ensure we provide only the highest standard.

3. Is the design functional?

A fire door’s primary role is to provide protection in the event of a fire. However, in the day-to-day, it needs to function as a normal door. AFC fire doors and windows are manufactured to be easy to use, accessible, and not disruptive to the daily activities that occur in the building. A range of styles and flexible designs are available such as sliding, hinged and automatic doors.

How fire doors and windows are rated

Fire doors and windows are given a Fire Resistance Level (FRL) according to the Building Code of Australia. The FRL of a product is provided as three numbers: Structural Adequacy / Integrity / Insulation. For example -/120/120

Fire Rated Glass Doors & Windows in Australia

Structural Adequacy

The first number refers to how long the product can withstand the spread of fire and still support what it is designed to support. Since doors and windows are not structural items, they are not tested for structural adequacy. FRL for doors and windows are given as “-” to indicate this. Even though they are not given a value for structural adequacy, windows and doors can be used within walls that do require structural adequacy.


The second number refers to the door or window’s ability to prevent the spread of flames. Under the Australian Standards fire rated doors must pass certain criteria in this category.


The final number refers to the length of time that the product can prevent the spread of fire due to heat transfer. The product must meet special requirements including the ability to prevent a localized temperature increase of more than 180 degrees C or an average temperature increase of 140 degrees C for the duration of the test.

Aluminium hinged fire doors

Lightweight and economical, aluminium hinged fire doors are popular with architects and building developers for creating attractive indoor spaces while meeting fire safety regulations.

AFC creates a number of hinged glass door solutions with Aluprof’s advanced aluminium framing. The intelligent framing design is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, versatile, and cost-effective. The operation is smooth, making the doors ideal for offices, residential buildings, and other commercial spaces. Attractive and modern, they blend seamlessly with architectural building designs.

Our hinged fire door systems have been rigorously tested and proven to achieve a high standard of fire protection. We offer a range of systems from EI15 to EI90.

  • MB-45EW systems are classified as fire-resistant EW30 to EN 13501-2+A1:2010.

  • MB-60E EI-based constructions are classified EI15 or EI30 to EN 13501-2+A1

  • MB-78EI systems are fire resistance class of EI 15, EI 30, EI 45 EI 60 or EI 90 to EN 13501-2.

Aluminium Hinged fire doors

Automatic glass sliding fire doors

Sliding fire doors are ideal when space is limited or when large equipment needs to be moved through the door. Being automatic improves the functionality of the door and ensures that it stays closed when not in use.

AFC uses the MB-78EI DPA system by Aluprof. These automatic sliding doors provide a fire-rated partition with a fire-resistance class of EI 15 and EI 30 when exposed to fire from both the outside and inside.

The MB-78EI DPA can be a single or double-leaf system and can be installed on walls or system walls. It achieves excellent fire ratings thanks to three-chamber aluminium profiles with fire-resistant elements in the internal chamber of the profiles and the insulating space between profiles

Automatic glass sliding fire doors

Fire-rated windows

AFC offers a wide range of windows as certified systems with fire-rated aluminium frames and glass panels. Fire ratings for our window systems range from EI15 to EI120. With exceptional optics and a lightweight, slimline frame design, our fire-rated windows blend seamlessly with modern indoor environments.

  • MB-60E EI windows are classified EI15 or EI30 to EN 13501-2+A1

  • MB-78EI systems are classified EI30 or EI 60

  • MB-86EI systems are classified EI30

  • MB-118EI systems are classified EI120

Need assistance? AFC can help.

For the highest standard in fire windows and fire rated glass doors in Australia, get in touch with the team at Australian Fire Control. With over 60 years of experience and the technical capacity to meet unique needs in passive fire protection, we will support you to achieve the requirements of your project. Choose AFC and you’ll get professional service and quality products delivered on time every time.

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