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Everything you need to Know About BAL FZ Protection

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

The new BAL FZ (Bushfire Attack Level Flame Zone) is the most extreme rating that can be applied to building design and construction.

If you are building in a bushfire zone that requires BAL FZ compliance you need to use BAL FZ compliant materials.

This requirement also has implications for your insurance coverage, as insurance companies will take a dim view of claims for fire-damaged new builds that do not comply.

The weakest point in your home is your windows and doors and if they are left unprotected during a bushfire, they will shatter exposing the entire home, possibly destroying your valuable property and possessions in the process and putting your family at risk if they have not been able to evacuate safely. 

Australian Fire Control provides some options when it comes to protecting your home through tested and assessed systems. These systems include; fixed fire windows in either timber or steel framing, hinged glass fire doors in both timber and steel framing, and a compact manually operated fire curtain that is used in injunction with a BAL-40 window or door system to achieve the BAL FZ rating. 

BAL FZ Protection

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