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Aluminium Fire Windows

Ei30 and Ei60​ MB-78EI

The perfect solution for silicone joined fire rating glazed walls, partitions, or windows.


It enables the fabrication of internal partitions without the visible vertical profiles that separate the individual modules of the wall, whilst preserving the full fire resistance. The gap between the glass panes is only 4 mm and is filled with an intumescent material and non-flammable silicone. The silicone is available in three colours (black, grey, or white). That way, fire-resisting partitions can be up to 3.6 m high, with modules’ width of up to 1.8 m. 


The system brings you virtually unlimited design and construction possibilities of very large internal partition walling.


Thanks to the transparent modules, all the constructions fabricated using this system make your interiors optically bigger. Our system also provides security by allowing the arrangement of the building’s fire zones, thus ensuring appropriate conditions for the evacuation of people.

Image Fixed Partition MB-78EI.jpg
Aluminium fire Windows



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