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Aluminium Fire Windows

Ei120 MB-118EI

The MB-118 EI fire-rated walls are used to make fire partitions with the fire resistance class of EI 120.


It's design & construction is such that, it provides a technical connection with the MB-78EI door, which means a number of common components (such as glazing beads, cooling inserts, expanding tapes, seals, and most accessories) and also similar to the basic system, production and installation technology. The MB-118EI system has been developed on the basis of a five-chamber insulated aluminum profile, with a front-to-back depth of 118 mm. The inner chamber profiles, as well as the insulating space between them, are filled with fire insulation elements. On the outer surfaces, there are expanding tapes that are additionally mounted, and the whole structure is completed by steel accessories components, joining both sides of the profiles.


The MB-118EI system can accommodate infills of a thickness of 31-84 mm. This system can also be the basis for constructions in EI 30 or EI 60 classes, in which, due to high thermal or acoustic requirements, triple glazing units must be used. Thanks to its symmetrical composition, the structures that are made of it remain fire resistant in the EI 120 class, both exposed to fire from the outside and the inside. An important feature affecting the functionality of these fire partitions is the possibility to install the MB-78EI doors.


Image MB-118EI Fixed Partition.png
Aluminium Fire Doors


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