Steel Doors

Steel guard seamless steel enveloped doors.

Steel Doors

At Australian Fire Control, we manufacture and supply some of the highest performing steel doors in Australia that offer superior strength, durability, security and fire protection.

Thanks to advanced technologies, steel doors can offer high thermal and weatherproofing properties that outperform other materials such as aluminium. Specialised fire rated steel products, such as the RP Technik steel profiles we offer, have undergone rigorous testing in fire conditions. The result: the addition of steel to a door design can help provide the highest fire protection for a building and its occupants.

Why Choose Steel?

Steel is synonymous with strength and security. The strongest material on the market for doors, windows, curtain walls and partitions, steel frames will last a lifetime and probably outlast the buildings they were installed into. 

Commercial and Industrial Steel Doors

The Defender SteelGuard seamless steel enveloped door has been expertly designed for commercial and industrial applications to deliver the highest standard security and protection.

Stronger than a standard timber door, this advanced steel door is secure, robust and built to last. Tried and tested, it offers a perfect balance of style and security. It is ideal for a wide range of commercial applications from pay offices and computer rooms to communication centres, retail stores and petrol stations. 

We offer a number of options that you can add on to enhance the properties of the door, including a 3mm thick steel ADI blocker plate bolted through the door; fire rated technology; and a vision panel for seeing through the door.

Steel Hinged Glass Fire Doors

For fire protection that does not rely on sprinklers for performance, we manufacture a wide range of interior and exterior fire resistant steel framed glass doors. These doors are architecturally appealing, allowing you to have a clear view while offering proven fire ratings to a high standard. The steel framing has a slimline profile which can be powder coated in any colour to suit the aesthetics of your environment.

Steel framed hinged fire doors offer incredible strength and security, have been fire tested rigorously and proven to provide high standard fire protection for residential and commercial spaces. Thanks to advanced technologies, these doors have high thermal and weather performance, helping you effectively regulate temperatures inside your building and keep energy consumption down. The slimline profile of our steel hinged glass fire doors means they are not obtrusive and do not compromise your view or the entry of natural light.

Defender SteelGuard Seamless Steel Enveloped Door

The Defender SteelGuard seamless steel-enveloped door is expertly designed and manufactured to the highest standards.

Key features: 

  • 1mm thick steel faced door

  • Waterproof solid block or foam core 

  • 1.6mm thick steel capping, rebated into the face of the door.

  • Stronger than a standard timber door

  • Secure, robust & built to last

  • A perfect balance of style & security 

  • Impact & simulated burglary attempts conducted and recorded



  • Pay offices

  • Computer or audio visual rooms

  • Communication centres

  • Front and rear doors to industrial and commercial premises and isolated sites.

  • Retail stores

  • Petrol stations

  • Warehouses


  • 3mm Thick steel ADI blocker plate bolted through door. 

  • Fire rated

  • Vision panel

How To Specify

Because the options vary considerably depending on the situation, please contact us.

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