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Fire Rated Door Frames Australia

A fire-rated door frame is the critical part of a hinged fire rated doorset. The pressed metal frame is manufactured to suit the wall type it's being installed into, complete with hinge and sticker preparations. The frame dimensions/specifications must be as per our tested prototype to allow certification of compliance to be issued at the time of completion.

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Components of a fire rated door frame

Frame: The frame itself is made from Zinc anneal steel for extra rust resistance and structural strength.

Brick Ties: All welded frames are supplied with brick ties upon delivery.

Stud Frames: Split frames are available for internal fire rated doorsets, with a fire rating of -/60/30 (60mins) only.

Ordering fire doorsets from Australian Fire Control

Upon ordering fire doorsets, we will provide you with a detailed shop drawing. This shop drawing is a frame detail sheet that includes important project information such as, a frame detail drawing, hardware specified on doorsets, and other key installation requirements to comply with tested prototypes. Lead times for frames can vary, however we typically work on one week from signed shop drawings (and deposit payment is applicable). 

Considerations for purchasing fire rated doors and door frames

The important thing to remember when purchasing fire rated doors is to purchase the frame and door from the same fire door manufacturer, to avoid non-compliance issues further down the track. The fire door manufacturer will best manage the order of the frame to ensure compliance is met. This is not the same with the hardware fitted to the doorset, we recommend they are purchased through an architectural hardware supplier. 

Fire door frames also need to be backfilled using a tested material such as:

  • Vermiculite core

  • Mortar/cement/grout mixes

  • Fire rated plasterboard or rockwool

  • Cast plaster

It is important to note that expanding foam type fillers are not compliant or approved for use.

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How are fire rated doorsets tested?

Fire rated doorsets are a tested system in accordance with Standards AS1530.4.

AS 1530.4 = Methods for fire tests on building materials, components and structures, Part 4: Fire-resistance tests for elements of construction. 


The National Construction Code (NCC)  requires fire rated doors to be tested in accordance with AS1530.4 and installed as per AS1905. The AS1905 standard specifies the requirements for design, construction and installation of doorsets used to protect openings in fire-resistant walls and partitions. 


These tests can be conducted for various durations; from 30 minutes up to 240 minutes.



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Fire rated doorsets are used in the following settings:


  • Hospitals

  • Schools

  • Apartments

  • Shopping Centres

  • Airports

  • Office Spaces

Professional manufacture and installation

Ensuring that the fire rated door frame is the right fit for a fire door is paramount for compliance to AS1530.4 & AS1905. Our experienced team at Australian Fire Control are able to design and manufacture fire door frames suitable for a range of fire doors, of different types and sizes. Our steel fire rated door frames are rigorously tested to ensure the required fire rating level is achieved.

Contact Australian Fire Control today

For more information on our range of custom fire rated steel door frames or to organise an installation at your premises, get in touch with the passive fire protection experts at Australian Fire Control on (08) 9399 6957.

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