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Bullet Resistant Doors

Ensure a high level of security against theft or ballistic attacks with our bullet resistant doors and frames. Australian Fire Control manufactures quality ballistic doors for applications which require a certified resistance against handgun attacks up to FB4 and rifle attacks up to FB6. Our bullet resistant doors can be used in embassies, cash offices, jewellery stores, museums, banks, airports and many other high security buildings.


Outstanding Security and Safety

At Australian Fire Control, we manufacture a range of bullet resistant doors which are tested and certified to surpass Australian standards. We offer a number of special glass types which provide high safety properties such as impact resistance, burglary resistance and bullet resistance.


  • Impact resistant glass prevents the penetration of thrown or hurled objects. Impact resistance is classified according to EN 356 in the resistance classes P1A to P5A.

  • Burglary resistant glass delays the creation of an opening when a manual attack occurs. Glass is classified as burglary resistant according to EN 356 and EN 1627. In order to reduce weight, these glazings are often a combination of glass and polycarbonate.

  • Bullet resistant glass stops the penetration of projectiles such as bullets. Glass is classified as bullet resistant (BR1 to BR7) when it stops the penetration of projectiles in accordance with EN 1063.


Robust and Stable Steel Framing

Steel provides strong and durable framing for the bullet resistant doors. Steel is the ideal choice for applications which require a high level of security because it is robust and stable, has a high load capacity and is easy to install in relevant security areas. Providing excellent bullet, impact and burglary resistance, steel framed ballistic doors last longer with high use. They also offer better escape and rescue possibilities because the steel framing allows for greater transparency and optical properties.


Excellent Optical Quality and Aesthetics

Our bullet resistant doors provide a high level of safety and security while meeting your aesthetic requirements. The steel frames are slim and functional, providing maximum transparency for better visibility. With a slimline and modern aesthetic, the steel framing can be manufactured to complement your existing space.


The glass in our bullet resistant doors is manufactured using advanced technology to achieve impressive optical quality while meeting high standards for impact, manual attack and bullet resistance. With lower thickness, lower weight, high transparency and good thermal resistance, our bullet resistant doors are a first class option.


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