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Hinged Aluminum Glass Fire Doors

Aluprofs advanced aluminium framing, allows AFC to create more lightweight and economically friendly glass fire door solutions.

The intelligent framing design allows for seamless integration with high specification architectural finishes. This provides architects and building developers to brand new possibilities for interior and exterior installations. 

Some benefits of using aluminium framing are:

  • Lightweight framing

  • Corrosion-resistant

  • Design flexibility

  • Cost-effective solutions

  • Attractive & smooth operation

MB-45 - EW 30

The MB-45EW system enables the fabrication of fire-rated single and double doors and fixed partition walls with doors. The constructions based on the

MB-45EW system are classified fire-resistant EW30 to EN 13501-2+A1:2010.


The construction is based on aluminium profiles of the "non-thermal" system MB-45 which has a structural depth of 45mm. The fire resistance of the construction is ensured by materials inserted into the internal chambers of the profiles. The outer surfaces have strips that swell under the effect of temperature.

The system can use fire-resistant glazing EW 30 (thickness 11mm – 15,5mm). The infill is made using standard glazing beads, and the entire construction has
steel accessories that protect the glass in case of fire. The MB-45EW system enables the fabrication of doors with maximum leaf size of up to 2.40m high and 1.25m wide. Structural capabilities and compatibility with other MB-series systems make this solution very attractive in this product category, while providing excellent fire protection.

MB-60 - Ei 30

MB-78 - EW 30 EI 90

MB-60E EI enables the fabrication of fire-resisting internal or exterior single or double leaf doors. MB-60E EI-based constructions are classified EI15 or EI30 to EN 13501-2+A1, doors can additionally meet smoke-tightness requirements in class S200, Sa to EN 13501-2 + A1.

This solution is based on aluminum profiles with thermal break (system MB-60E) with the structural depth of profiles of 60 mm.


The fire resistance of the construction is ensured by its fire insulation components that are mounted in internal chambers of its profiles. In addition, constructions are equipped with intumescent tapes, which stop the fire from spreading.

The system enables the application of all common fire-resisting glass classified EI15 and EI30 (thickness from 5 to 41 mm).


Unlike other fire-resisting systems, MB-60 E EI glass is fastened on the inner face using glazing strips. Special steel elements are an important element in securing the glass before falling out during the fire.

MB-60E EI enables the fabrication of doors of the following;

max. leaf dimensions: W up to 1.4 m, H up to 2.475 m. Double leaf door can be 2.58 m wide.

Design capabilities and compatibility with other MB systems makes this solution a very attractive proposition in that class of products, whilst providing an excellent fire

The MB-78EI system has been developed for internal or external fire-rated partition walls, with single- or double-leaf doors featured by a fire resistance class of EI 15, EI 30, EI 45 EI 60 or EI 90 to EN 13501-2.


Numerous tests and calculations have shown that MB-78EI-based products have a very good thermal and acoustic insulation. Due to its characteristics, optimized
technology & production costs, the compatibility with other ALUPROF window and door systems and the constant technical development, it is a very popular product, widely used by the construction professionals.

The structure of the MB-78 EI system is based on the thermally-insulated, 78 mm deep aluminium profiles. They are characterized by a low overall heat transfer
coefficient “U,” thanks in the main, to specialist design thermal break, 34mm in width.


The resistance to high temperature is assured by special fire insulation elements – GKF or CI – introduced into the inner chambers of the profiles and into insulating spaces between profiles and steel accessories and joints.

Angular wall connections achievable with the system, the possibility of bending & curving profiles, as well as the use of diagonal cross-pieces and decorative muntin bars glued on glass are the features that affect the shape and aesthetics of a building.

The range of permissible dimensions of the construction includes fixed partitions up to 5.16 m high and single-swing doors with leaf dimensions: W up to 1.4 m;
H up to 3.0 m; the width of double doors may achieve 2.5 m.

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